Behind the scene

We are a woman owned company committed to delivering you the best tasting, highest quality and sustainably sourced tea on planet earth. We are leading the charge for the wider adoption of loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is part of the movement for a healthier planet and a healthier you!

Passion for Quality

We believe in retaining the true essence of tea leaves and making concerted effort to maintain their purity. Based out of Bainbridge Island, Washington, we are dedicated to enriching lives through the experience of premium loose leaf teas specially made from organic ingredients sourced from the best tea gardens across the world.

Our Mission

We're more committed than ever to environment and sustainability, with a focus on promoting health for human, society and the planet. We are dedicated to building a truly sustainable supply chain - from crop to cup. We strive to meet the complex challenges that include climate change, community dynamics, and socioeconomic conditions that complicate the tea growing process.